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Kobayashi Lingerie Soap 120ml Kobayashi 小林制药内衣清洗剂 120ml

What it is: A soap specially designed for lingerie cleaning. Use it to clean stains of blood and other stains. How to use: -Add 10ml for every 500ml water.  Sink lingerie in water for 20 minutes, then hand wash and clean with clean water.  产品用处:简体有效,清理生理时的经血, 分泌物。 使用方法:1.浸泡洗涤 用量:水(或温水)500ml使用本品10ml(瓶体侧面1刻度为10ml,如图倒立瓶身,挤出液体) 用法:上记的用量比稀释的溶液中,浸泡20分钟后,用水投(漂)洗干净;对于时间久的污渍,直接涂抹到污渍处,然后在上记的用量比稀释的溶液中浸泡,时间可以适当延长,这样效果会更好。 2.机洗 用量:根据污渍,适量。

Okamoto 0.04 Zero Zero Four Condoms 10ea pack OKAMOTO 冈本 004安全避孕套 10个装

Premium Thinness, Measureable Thinness. Almost Nothing From the makers of Crown and Beyond Seven. Latext Condom, Lightly Lubricated. 功效 安全措施 品牌 OKAMOTO冈本 品牌产地 日本 净含量 1(单位: piece)
ete okamoto

Okamoto Condoms 0.01mm 3pcs OKAMOTO 001 冈本0.01MM超薄避孕套 (3片装)

Product Size (width × depth × height): Thickness: 0.01mm Country of origin: Japan Contents: 3 pieces Material: water-based polyurethane

TS6 Cleaning Mousse 180ml TS6 护一生洁净慕斯 180ml

What it is: A gentle feminine Intimate area cleansing How to use: -Apply lukewarm water onto the area needing for cleansing. Apply adequate amount of mousse on hand and gently massage it lightly on the area. Rinse freely using lukewarm water. 产品详情:来自女体好菌筛选,以新鲜牛奶培育,利用最新生物制程,萃取活性。天然乳酸、益生菌成长因子及保湿因子,给予女体私领域柔嫩肌肤最佳照顾。  使用方法:依个人习惯按压1-2次即可 ,挤出适量慕斯,加水混合后清洗私密肌肤,再以清水洗净即可。温和配方不含皂;慕斯细致柔和。  

TS6 Feminine Cleaning Gel 300ml TS6 护一生洁净凝露 300ml

What it is: Assist in reconstructing normal flora, preventing infections and keep female urogenital tract hygiene. How to use: -Squeeze to dispense contents and apply on desired part with warm water.  Use water to clean up after cleaning.  产品详情:女性私密护理,以私密肌肤为主,至全身肌肤的清洁。 益生菌萃取精华与大马士革玫瑰香氛完美结合。 淨化平衡,维持肌肤弹性,嫩滑饱满。 使用方法:挤出适量凝露,加水溷合后清洗肌肤,再以清水洗淨。

TS6 Probiotic Wipes 10 Sheet TS6 護一生私密护肤柔和湿巾 10张/包

What it is: Gentle intimate skin care for both ladies and infants. How to use: -Take 1~2 pieces to wipe on area desired to clean.  产品详情:舒缓肌肤不适感,适合女性平日护理,天天使用,天然防护、最佳保护!随时保持如沐浴后般的洁淨感。 白樱花香气,淡雅舒服。 使用方法:上完厕所或生理期时,擦拭于私密肌肤。
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