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Dr. Wu Renewal Cleansing Mousse With Mandelic Acid 160ml Dr. Wu 达尔肤 杏仁酸亮白洁颜慕斯 160ml

What it is: A facial cleanser formulated as a mild, non-detergent mousse that cleans and exfoliates gently without irritation. Its main active ingredients, Mandelic Acid, can effectively improve skin tone by resurfacing epidermis and removing aged layers.  How to use: Wet face and apply amount to face and neck using gentle... 产品详情: 温和不刺激,不含皂基,洗后不干涩不紧绷,深层清洁焕白,细致柔嫩  使用方法:将脸部打湿,取黄豆大小的量于掌心,用清水或温水揉搓充分打出富含空气的泡沫后使用。清洗时,注意使泡沫充分填充手指与脸部肌肤之间,手指无需直接接触肌肤,利用泡沫轻轻按摩,用指腹将泡沫在面部轻柔打圈清洗,之后用清水或温水充分冲洗干净。尤其容易残留泡沫的发际及下颚等部位应细心冲洗。  
dd Innisfree Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam 150ml|Innisfree 悦诗风吟 火山泥洗面奶 150ml

Innisfree Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam 150ml Innisfree 悦诗风吟 火山泥洗面奶 150ml

What it is Absorb sebum and purify pores with Jeju's volcanic cleansing foam 1. A pore-cleansing foam made with Jeju volcanic scoria to absorb sebum and purify pores 2. Natural ingredients from Jeju--Volcanic scoria Jeju volcanic scoria is an alkaline substance with pH level similar to the human body. It...

Tama Shoku Cosme Face Powder Cleanser TAMA Shoku Cosme 食品屋 无添加洁颜粉 70g

What it is: A gentle powder cleanser that nourish and soothe skin.  How to use: -Wash fash using hands and warm water. -Rinse well. -Pat dry. 产品详情:防腐剂不使用,无香料,无着色,起泡剂不使用。在清洁的同时,滋润护理皮肤,还能帮助肌肤去除老废角质。 使用方法:用热水打湿手掌后,取适量产品按摩脸部,最后洗净即可
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