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Cat Ear Hair Band #Pink|珊瑚绒猫咪耳朵发带 粉色

Cat Ear Hair Band #Pink 珊瑚绒猫咪耳朵发带 粉色

What is it: To hold hair away from the face or eyes while doing makeup or face cleansing.   商品材质:珊瑚绒吸水毛巾纤维材质 商品特色:当在洗脸、化妆、运动、洗澡、敷面膜.....时配戴发带,不只能将头发往后固定,方便使用,可爱的大蝴蝶结,又能让造型更加加分,舒适柔软的发带,加上超吸水的材质,是CP值非常高的超推荐小物!!!
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