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Daiso Bobby Pin 85pc Daiso 盘发一字夹 85枚

What it is: Daiso Bobby Pin are the simplest hair accessories that add style and grandeur to the hair. What it is: Daiso Bobby Pin are the simplest hair accessories that add style and grandeur to the hair.
Holika Holika Gudetama Chap Chap Cushion Puff Set|Holika Holika Holika Holika Gudetama 懒蛋蛋气垫粉扑

Holika Holika Gudetama Chap Chap Cushion Puff Set Holika Holika Holika Holika Gudetama 懒蛋蛋气垫粉扑

What it is: A set of four cotton velour powder puffs with a satin band that delivers smooth, even coverage.  How to use: -Load the puff with powder and remove any excess by shaking it off with the hand or patting a tissue. -Apply to the skin in light, pressing motions,... 产品详情:不光是颜值高,而且质地细腻丰厚均匀。柔软触感,上妆的时候连鼻翼等细小部位都能充分照顾到。一盒四个粉扑,每个粉扑图案都不同,造型超萌的哦 使用方法:使用湿粉、BB霜或膏状底妆化妆产品时,用粉扑蘸取适量的产品,由肌肤内侧向外侧轻轻涂开即可。  
Ishihara Awa Foaming Net|ISHIHARA石原商店 丰富泡沫起泡球

Ishihara Awa Foaming Net ISHIHARA石原商店 丰富泡沫起泡球

What it is: A common beauty tool in Japan that helps foaming creamy, fine & dense bubble/lather can't be achieved by hands. For the same amount of cleanser used, this net generates as much as 3 to 4 times more than hands! This product is re-usable. It comes with a... 产品详情:网质柔软,所制照的泡泡细腻,清洁更彻底。  使用方法:取少量洗面乳等洗脸用品放在网上或网内轻轻搓揉,即可产生细致泡泡,然后取泡泡清洁脸部。
Koji Eyelash Fix 12ml | Koji 假睫毛胶水 12ml

Koji Eyelash Fix 12ml Koji 假睫毛胶水 12ml

What it is: A best-selling, waterproof false-lash fix. Hold your false eyelashes securely in place, for a look that is all drama—in a good way.   How to use: -Apply a thin line along base of false lash (never apply directly to your eyelids.) -Let adhesive set for 30 seconds or... 功效: 假睫毛专用胶水,没有普通假睫毛胶水的刺鼻气味。质地温和柔软,容易使用,且不容易导致过敏和假睫毛的脱落,只须适量涂于假睫毛的根部即可贴上,而透明色泽使用时十分方便   使用方法: 沿着假睫毛的根部挤出一条幼线胶水。待30秒或有黏性后,拉着假睫毛的两头,弯曲至U形状。将假睫毛的中间部份贴在真睫毛的根部并按入末端,睫毛黏固后,请由头至尾轻按直至胶水干透便可。 最新版包装,本产品是睫毛专用粘结膏,干燥后有透明感。粘结牢固将少量的睫毛膏挤在指甲上, 适量的涂在化妆睫毛根部即可。      

Lucky Trendy Blackhead Tweezer Lucky Trendy 角栓鼻头毛孔两用清洁棒 粉刺夹/眉夹

What it is: Fine tipped tweezer easily plucks out blackheads and whiteheads, decongesting pores for blemish free and clear skin. Metal spoon also adds to blackhead extraction as it pushes them out towards skin's surfaces, ready to be wiped off or pulled out. Steam face to open pores for easy... 产品详情:在洁面后会出现很大颗的白头浮出来立在鼻头上,这时候可以用这个小工具清理干净。 这种夹子市面上很多但不是每个都好用,LUCKY TRENDY这个角度非常精准顺手,再细都可以轻易拔出来。 使用方法:当白头浮出来的时候,多的可以用上面一头小刮棒刮掉,少的可以用夹子那头一根根拔出来。
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D-UP Eyelashes 511 Perfect Tweezers|D-UP 511 尖头假睫毛辅助夹 镊子

D-UP Eyelashes 511 Perfect Tweezers D-UP 511 尖头假睫毛辅助夹 镊子

What it is: Especially designed to suit the needs of all eyelashes application. Perfect tweezers allow you to easily handle any kind of false eyelashes. How to use: Apply eyelashes with the tip of the tweezers for an long-lasting, effortless look. 产品详情:完美的钢制夹,佩戴假睫毛新手必备。 使用方法:    
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