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Ishihara Awa Foaming Net|ISHIHARA石原商店 丰富泡沫起泡球

Ishihara Awa Foaming Net ISHIHARA石原商店 丰富泡沫起泡球

What it is: A common beauty tool in Japan that helps foaming creamy, fine & dense bubble/lather can't be achieved by hands. For the same amount of cleanser used, this net generates as much as 3 to 4 times more than hands! This product is re-usable. It comes with a... 产品详情:网质柔软,所制照的泡泡细腻,清洁更彻底。  使用方法:取少量洗面乳等洗脸用品放在网上或网内轻轻搓揉,即可产生细致泡泡,然后取泡泡清洁脸部。
Koji Eyelash Fix 12ml | Koji 假睫毛胶水 12ml

Koji Eyelash Fix 12ml Koji 假睫毛胶水 12ml

What it is: A best-selling, waterproof false-lash fix. Hold your false eyelashes securely in place, for a look that is all drama—in a good way.   How to use: -Apply a thin line along base of false lash (never apply directly to your eyelids.) -Let adhesive set for 30 seconds or... 功效: 假睫毛专用胶水,没有普通假睫毛胶水的刺鼻气味。质地温和柔软,容易使用,且不容易导致过敏和假睫毛的脱落,只须适量涂于假睫毛的根部即可贴上,而透明色泽使用时十分方便   使用方法: 沿着假睫毛的根部挤出一条幼线胶水。待30秒或有黏性后,拉着假睫毛的两头,弯曲至U形状。将假睫毛的中间部份贴在真睫毛的根部并按入末端,睫毛黏固后,请由头至尾轻按直至胶水干透便可。 最新版包装,本产品是睫毛专用粘结膏,干燥后有透明感。粘结牢固将少量的睫毛膏挤在指甲上, 适量的涂在化妆睫毛根部即可。      
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