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Rohto Hada Labo Goku-jun Hyaluronic Milky Lotion 140ml Rohto Hada Labo 曼秀雷敦肌研极润玻尿酸高保湿乳液 140ml

What it is: A lotion moisturizes deeply, offering nourishing hydration and skin-smoothing conditioners. Infuses your skin with moisture and leaves it with a natural, healthy-looking glow. Skin becomes smoother, softer and richly hydrated. Skin pH balanced, low irritation. Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant. How to use: -Use... 产品详情: 内含玻尿酸,骨胶原蛋白质等丰富的高保湿成分,能显著改善角质层干燥问题,令干硬肤质重现柔软弹力,持久保持肌肤饱满状态。延展性很好,所以不需要很大的量就可以涂满全脸,不含香料对皮肤更安全无刺激,保湿补水效果很好不油腻,搭配水水使用更加的完美。 使用方法:  
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Albion Exage Pure White Milk II 200ml Albion澳尔滨 EXAGE 活润透白新晶能渗透乳 滋润型II号 200ml

What it is: With a comforting, mildly rich texture, this Whitening Milk Lotion helps the skin to retain rich moisture for smooth and fine-textured skin. Formulated with whitening ingredients, it also instantly whitens the outer layer of the skin to reveal crystal clear, pure white skin. Suitable for normal skin.... 产品功效:美白,淡化黑色素,让后续水分深层渗透,调理肌肤水油平衡,有效扩大健康水及后续保养品的吸收效力。维持肌肤能大量拥抱湿润的良好状态,同时最佳化湿润平衡。中性肌肤适用 使用说明:洁面后,在化妆水前使用。 用棉片取适量乳液(约按压3次),点涂在额头、两颊、鼻、下巴 5处,然后用由内 向外打圈推揉脸部,直到乳液彻底吸收。   
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