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Koji Active Eyetalk Water Proof Double Eyelid Gel 13ml Koji 双眼皮胶 13ml

What it is Eye Talk Clear Glue contains moisturizing ingredient with rosemary extract. Helps to create double eyelid perfectly and moisturize skin around your eye area. How to use -Make sure that your eyelids are clean and not greasy. -You can wipe it off with cotton pad first. Use the... 产品详情:水乳质地的双眼皮胶, 粘性强效果持久 使用方法:见下图  

Koji DreamMagic Miracle Change Eyetape 60pcs (Wide) KOJI 蔻吉双眼皮贴 宽款

What it is A set of 60 pieces adhesive eye tapes for creating double-eyelid with a deeper dimension, which is 2 times deeper than the regular one. With long lasting performance, no discomfort even uses for a long time. It comes with as many as 60 pieces, a cost-effective way... 产品功效:黏着力强,质感薄而透明的双眼皮贴 使用说明:见下图
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Pink Lady double eyelid 30pc | Pink Lady 双眼皮贴 30回 Pink Lady double eyelid 30pc | Pink Lady 双眼皮贴 30回

Pink Lady double eyelid 30pc Pink Lady 双眼皮贴 30回

Product Description: With this particular eyelid tapes from 3M can visually disappear drooping eyelids. Due to the special formulation, the tapes are extremely water-and sweat-resistant. The tapes are transparent and makes your eye makeup adhere very well to it. Let your eyes be large and expressive. The tapes are available... S:适合内双/薄眼皮的单眼皮使用,或者双眼皮调整眼型大小使用。 M:适合眼皮薄的小双使用或者单眼皮使用,或者大双调整眼型大小使用。 L:适合眼皮有点浮肿眼皮稍厚的单眼皮使用,或者小双,内双想贴出欧式双眼皮的亲使用。 XL:适合厚眼皮浮肿型的亲们,以及想贴大双,欧式双眼皮的亲 使用方法: 1.使用前,先用化妆水清洁眼部。 2.用夹子轻轻将已成型的医疗透气贴布取下。 3.依您的眼型及配合您的化妆方式,适度地调高、低、左、右或作适度修剪。 4.贴好后,即可轻易上妆。卸妆时,只只须轻轻从另一端撕下,再用化妆水清理即可。
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