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Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse for Skin Care BEAUTY BAR 24K纯金离子美容棒/黄金棒

What it is: Beauty Bar 24K Gold for Skincare has the following features: it vibrates 6000 times a minute, which gives facial muscle stimulation and as a result achieves a firming effect to improve skin condition. How to use: -Apply the Beauty Bar on both side of your cheeks in a circular... 产品详情:6000次每秒的按摩, 帮助淡化皱纹,润泽肌肤。纯金美容棒促进肌肤新陈代谢及活化细胞,快速唤醒肌肤活性,消除毛孔粗大,色素沉积,淡化皱纹,同时强效瘦脸 使用方法:轻握住本体的下侧1/3处,轻轻的将t字型的部分由下而上,由内向外滑动。特定部位可以使用t字部分轻按2-3秒。防水结构可以在洗澡或泡澡时使用。
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