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Hanaka Blackhead Pore White Mask HANAKA 花恋肌 冻亮扫黑面膜炭长面膜 250g

This bamboo charcoal-based mask lifts blackheads and other impurities from the skin, especially around the nose, while also scouring pores from within to prevent acnes. Tranexamic acid purifies the skin further. Apply after removing makeup and using facial foam. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse off with water...   产品功效: 深层清洁 加强嫩白 摆脱粉刺 锁住水分   使用说明: 1.先用卸妆乳、洗面乳将脸上油脂清洗干净 2.用热毛巾热敷鼻头周围约1分钟,静待毛细孔打开 3.涂抹约0.5~0.8公分冻膜厚度于鼻头周围,静待约20~30分钟 4.用清水将脸上冻膜洗净后,全力执行消减粉刺 5.以化妆水轻拍全脸,有效舒缓紧致肌肤  

Innisfree Super volcanic pore clay mask 100ml Innisfree 悦诗风吟火山泥面膜 100ml

What it is 6-in-1 Pore care: Shrinks pores + Controls sebum + Exfoliates + Deeply cleanses + Brightens tone + Cools Winner of 22 Global Beauty Awards 1. What is the Super volcanic pore mask?Jeju volcanic clay is made from minerals released by volcanic explosions in Jeju. It's categorized as...

Kracie Hadabisei Moisturizing Face Mask (Tightening) Kracie 肌美精超渗透天然矿物深层紧致黑面膜 4片入

What it is: A total skin care brand which comprises Brightening, Dryness-induced Wrinkle Care, Adult Acne Care and face masks, providing all-rounded care to promote beautiful, clear skin. Tightens and moisturizes to achieve smoother skin. Specially formulated serum minimizes pore appearance while moisturizing skin. Contains natural minerals (Hot spring water)... 产品详情:渗透保湿紧致毛孔黑面膜,丰富的矿物质, 修复活化肌肤。 使用方法:1.取出面膜并展开。 2.将面膜敷于面部,用手指轻压使其充分贴紧面部。 3.享受15分钟让肌肤充分吸收面膜中的营养成份,可根据个人情况适当延长至25分钟。一周2至3次,建议持续使用4周效果更佳。

Mediheal W.H.P White Hydrating Charcoal-Mineral Mask 1 sheet Mediheal可莱丝 W.H.P 竹炭面膜 单片

What it is: This black sheet mask whitens skin by evening out skin tone with its powerful brightening ingredients like Niacinamide and Arbutin. It's also enriched with fruit extracts and Charcoal Powder that draw out impurities, eliminate excess oil, and hydrate, unmasking your healthiest skin yet. How to use: -Place... 产品详情:使用了在日本纪州生产的栗子树而制作的竹炭,在日本被广泛称为“黄金碳”。富含矿物成分的备长炭,可以向肌肤提供矿物成分,美白保湿清透,护 理问题肌肤。通过净化效果,令肌肤保持透明干净。 使用方法: 1、初次使用,如果连续用三天,每天一片效果最佳,以后可以每周根据情况,使用一次到两次。2、洁面后打开小包装,取出面膜并展开,将面膜敷於面部,用手指轻压使其充分贴紧面部。3、放松精神,享受15分钟,让肌肤充分吸收面膜中的营养成分。4、面膜使用后请拋弃,用手轻拍面部,帮助肌肤充分吸收营养膜中的养份。5、可以根据情况,将面膜放在冰箱冷藏,等使用的时候再拿出,效果更佳。

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Black Mask 1pc Papa Recipe 春雨黑蜂蜜面膜 单片

What it is: The latest K-beauty craze over "honey glossy skin" is easily achievable with this Black Honey Mask. Crafted with organic Manuka Honey from New Zealand and Propolis Extract, a single plant-based sheet delivers powerful nutrients, moisture, and elasticity to skin. In fact, it doubles skin's hydration levels while... 产品详情: 祛痘、祛红疹、皮肤调节及毛孔修复效果、淡化黑色素美白皮肤、深层补水、集中供给营养。 探寻自蜂巢的生命力:来自大自然的天然保湿成分蜂胶提取物与蜂蜜提取物令肌肤营养水润,让你的肌肤持久保由蜂蜜提取物和蜂胶提取物的营养丰富、水润保湿的护肤配方。 使用方法: 1.取出面膜并展开。 2.将面膜敷于面部,用手指轻压使其充分贴紧面部。 3.享受15分钟让肌肤充分吸收面膜中的营养成份,可根据个人情况适当延长至25分钟。一周2至3次,建议持续使用4周效果更佳。
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